For Fleuron, every little detail matters, down to the very last.

In architecture, the fleuron is a plant-inspired ornament that perfects the peaks of a monument. Discreet, it is on this that the overall harmony rests.

In botany, it is a flower within a flower whose lines and curves influence the entire blooming process. It whispers the secrets of its growth.

Our high-end leather goods embody a philosophy where each product appears simple, pure, and harmonious through the quality of its details. Like a petal, they are both supple and well-structured. Our materials are noble, sourced from excellent tanners, assembled in our Italian workshops before becoming everyday essentials.

The founder, much like the fleuron, reveals herself in hints, preferring to draw her inspiration from the Parisian sky. Her leather collections - from the roundness of Magnolia to the airy elegance of Swann - are an interpretation of today’s Parisian woman. Refined yet natural. Proud yet accessible. Beautiful or light, sometimes cheeky. And if one always ends up being charmed, it’s always thanks to something small. A half-smile. A detail.


Our style

Our Style
“The extraordinary attracts us for a moment, simplicity holds us longer, because it is in it that the essential resides,” said Garry Winogrand, an American photographer who knew like no one else how to capture moments of life. This is how Fleuron perceives fashion. Each leather product is designed with attention to detail and perfects your Parisian style. The ensemble is elegant, measured, and becomes a daily essential that one cherishes for a long time.

In architecture, the fleuron serves as a final, floral touch to certain parts of monuments, while in botany, it represents a flower within a flower. Between the demanding precision of sculpture and the feminine curves of botany, our leather goods embody detailed sophistication, all the while maintaining an impression of softness and simplicity.

But what makes her so magnetic, the Parisian woman? Is it that half-bold, half-amused glance thrown surreptitiously? That composure, that poise she maintains in every circumstance, both in her race to the metro and upon her arrival at the office? Her natural and striking style, yet meticulously crafted? It is because she embodies all these paradoxes that the Parisian woman inspires the creator of Fleuron and initiates decidedly modern leather goods.


Our engagements

Transparent Sourcing
For Fleuron, there is no question of compromising on the choice of materials and leathers that make up its Collections. The most noble parts are carefully selected from renowned tanners – Italian, Belgian, or Spanish. Their expertise has been affirmed over the decades. They guarantee quality leather. Strict European standards regulate their authenticity, origin, and leather identification.

Supervised Manufacturing
It is in Paris that we reflect on the shapes, textures, and feel of our leather Collections. It is then in Italy that master leather craftsmen transform the sketches into material and then into essentials for your everyday life. The product is carefully checked at each stage of manufacturing. We work respecting Human and Labour Rights with leather craftsmen who share our passion for beautiful materials and detail.

Fair Pricing
In the same way that we create humble Collections devoid of excess, we apply this philosophy to our prices. We have chosen to have no intermediary between you and us in order to apply the fairest price, closest to the reality of the object and its authenticity.

Sustainable Fashion
The year 2020, more than ever, has reminded each of us of the importance of focusing on the essential and the sustainable. There is no need to accumulate, let alone waste. We do not encourage following trends. We want our bags, card holders, and everyday leather items to be worn as long as possible as a piece of identity.